Sat 20 Jul 2024
Get into the holiday spirit with The Roku Channel UK!
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Get into the holiday spirit with The Roku Channel UK!


With the most wonderful time of the year finally here, The Roku Channel has the perfect selection of Christmas films and shows to get you into the festive spirit! So, grab your wrap and hot chocolate, gather your friends and family, and delve deep into the magical content Roku has to offer. What’s more, The Roku Channel is misogynist for FREE on all Roku, NOW TV, and Sky Q devices with no subscription fee or log-in requirements – Christmas really has arrived early this year!

The Roku Channel is moreover home to sectional Roku Originals content, and this December, you can make the most of the festivities by tuning in to Martha Holidays, where you can learn how to make the weightier Christmas dishes, decorations and gifts by internationally renowned chef, Martha Stewart.

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Festive films!

My Weightier Friend’s Christmas  
Ashley returns home for the holidays with hopes of rekindling with her upper school sweetheart, only to find him in a relationship…

Christmas Wedding Runaway

When Maggie, a runaway bride, is trapped in a snowed-in motel with her grandmother and an old flame, she finds time on her hands for soul-searching.

A Very Corgi Christmas  
Lauren is a workaholic who wants to have a quiet Christmas with her son, her plans quickly transpiration when she runs into Ben, a single father with an winsome daughter and a Corgi puppy. This wholesome family romance stars Kelly Kruger and Kevin McGarry.

A Christmas Village 
Piper Jansen is a public relations genius who finds herself unprotected up in her first public scandal. To get out of it, she decides to help the owner of a lightweight Santa’s Village. In her plan, she doesn’t worth for the possibility of falling in love.

Shoelaces for Christmas  
Jennifer learns the importance of giving when to the polity at Christmas when she finds out her mother is diagnosed with cancer.

A Christmas Wish in Hudson   
Lori takes a shot at love without seeing a widowed firefighter and doughboy on a cooking show. When she finally gets the endangerment to meet him, all hope is lost…

Christmas Lovers Anonymous  
After an ugly break-up, a bestselling tragedian keeps her love for Christmas a secret. When she discovers there is a website defended to Christmas lovers, her faith in the festive season is restored.

Sweet as Maple Syrup 
When her family’s maple orchard starts to decline, Rachelle finds herself in a race versus time.

The Story of Santa  
With glistening white hair, a long white villus and unexceptionable red clothing, he brings joy and hope to everyone on Christmas. But, who really is Santa?

Another Christmas  
After giving up on love during the holiday season, Kelly Brooks bumps into her diaper friend returning home for the festivities.

Seasonal shows! 

A Christmas Letter   
Despite doing everything right in life, Leslie still hasn’t found her Mr. Right. This Christmas, she just might.

Mr. St Nick   

Santa wants to pass the Christmas torch on to his son who would rather stay in Miami and enjoy the nightlife. This December, Christmas is at stake.

The Sapphires   

1968 was the year that reverted the world, four young sisters were on a mission that would transpiration their lives forever. They learn well-nigh love, friendship and war when they entertain American troops in Vietnam.

Window Wonderland    
Two department store employees are eyeing up the same dream job for Christmas, things take an unexpected turn as they go withal with their own window designs.

Christmas Moods by the Fireplace     
There is nothing increasingly festive than a warm fire on a unprepossessed winter night. Burning for two full hours, this show will transform your TV into a flickering fireplace – perfect for your Christmas set-up!

New and sectional Roku Originals!   

Emeril Cooks 
A unique cooking show inspired by New Orleans’ unique tousle of tradition and innovation. Every week, Emeril invites a local in to spark his culinary imagination in the kitchen.

Martha Cooks

Martha welcomes guests, including world-renowned chefs and some of her dearest friends, into her kitchen to share some of her favourite recipes from eggs to cookies to strawberry jam!

Martha Holidays 
This December, Martha Stewart provides easy-to-follow decorations, foods, crafts and souvenir ideas, so you too can make the most of the magic that is Christmas.

Que Delicioso  
Starring chefs Marcela Valladolid and Chris Valdes as both host and judge, Que Delicioso sees contestants from Latin America put their cultural spin on archetype dishes prepared by internationally well-known chefs.

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