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Google TV vs Android TV: which is better for you?
Android TV

Google TV vs Android TV: which is better for you?


In the consistently developing scene of savvy amusement, the fight between Google television and Android television has caught the consideration of tech aficionados and easygoing clients the same. These stages, both conceived out of the tech goliath Google, offer a brief look into the fate of how we consume content on our screens.

In this thorough blog, we'll dive into what Android television and Google television are, investigate their similitudes, feature their key distinctions, address the convergence of Google television and shrewd projectors, and assist you with figuring out which brilliant television experience adjusts best to your own review inclinations.

What is Android TV?

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Android television appeared in 2014 as a variant of the Android working framework upgraded for televisions. It powers many savvy televisions from Sony, Hisense, TCL, and others, as well as set-top boxes like the Nvidia Safeguard. The connection point is coordinated around lines of application symbols and proposals from Google Play. There is additionally Google Partner worked in for voice controls.

Some of the key features of Android TV include:

1: Admittance to the Google Play Store for applications like Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Spotify, and that's just the beginning.

2: Voice controls with the Google Partner worked in. You can look for content, get suggestions, and control your savvy home gadgets with simply your voice.

3: Projecting capacities to stream content from your cell phone or PC to your television. This manages Chromecast innovation.

4: Gaming through the Google Play Store with titles advanced for Android television. You can likewise coordinate Bluetooth gaming regulators.

What is Google TV?

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Google television is Google's more up to date brilliant television stage that sent off in 2020. Google television has a customized home screen that makes proposals in light of your survey history and memberships. It likewise has a substance first connection point that surfaces motion pictures and shows from across different applications and administrations. The primary gadget to use Google television was the Chromecast with Google television streaming stick. It has since extended to savvy televisions from Sony and TCL.

Some key features of Google TV include:

1: A customized home screen with organized proposals for shows and films. It learns your inclinations after some time.

2: A simple to-explore communicate with tabs for Films, Shows, Live television, Applications, Library, from there, the sky is the limit.

3: Powerful pursuit and voice abilities through Google Aide.

4: Backing for streaming applications like Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Peacock, and the sky is the limit from there.

5: Chromecast worked in for simple projecting from cell phones.

Similarities between Android TV and Google TV

Selection of apps

Both Android television and research television give admittance to the Google Play Store, offering an immense range of applications, games, and web-based features. This shared belief guarantees that clients have a wide determination of content readily available.

Google Assistant

The incorporation of Google Right hand is a common component between the two stages. Clients can utilize voice orders to look for content, control playback, and even control shrewd home gadgets, upgrading the general client experience.

Chromecast built-in

Chromecast usefulness is available in both Android television and Google television. This component permits clients to project content from their cell phones or PCs straightforwardly to their television screens, cultivating a consistent change between gadgets.

Play games: Android games that are enhanced for television can be played on both Android television and Google television gadgets.

So in numerous ways, the center insight of tracking down amusement to watch or collaborate with is practically the same between the two stages, on account of shared Google applications and administrations.

Main Differences between Android TV and Google TV

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Home screen

One of the greatest contrasts between Google television and Android television is the home screen design. While Android television normally includes a more customary application driven home screen, Google television offers a substance driven interface, exhibiting customized proposals and moving substance.

This improves Google television for finding new shows and films to watch from various web-based features. You can rapidly peruse proposals and new deliveries without opening different applications. With Android television, the experience is more application driven, however there is less conglomeration of content.

Live TV tab

In contrast with Android television, Google television has a devoted Live tab for getting to live Stations and programming guides while utilizing suppliers like YouTube television and Sling television. The Live tab shows your accessible channels and what is right now playing on each channel. You can rapidly flip through and begin observing live television with two or three ticks.

User profile

Google television upholds different client profiles, so every individual can have their own redone space, making the survey experience genuinely individualized. With independent profiles, each client can redo their home screen, get customized suggestions and watchlists custom-made explicitly to their review history and interests, access their own singular Google account and connected administrations, and, surprisingly, set parental controls for youngsters' profiles. Android television needs local multi-client support - profiles should be executed in each application independently.


Google television allows you to add titles to a cross-application all inclusive watchlist for following what you need to observe later. The watchlist is brought together and matched up across gadgets. So you can include something to your watchlist your telephone, and it will appear on your Google television gadget also. This makes it simple to monitor what you need to watch, regardless of which gadget you're on. Android television has no comparable brought together watchlist, just individual application watchlists.

Thus, in outline, Google television offers a further developed, customized, and brought together savvy television experience contrasted with the Android television stage.

First Google TV™ Laser Projector Designed by Dangbei

Dangbei Atom First Google TV

With its high level brilliant television capacities, Google television is likewise being used past conventional TVs. Quite, it is presently being integrated into shrewd projectors like the Dangbei Molecule.

The Dangbei Molecule addresses a thrilling development as Dangbei's most memorable model to consistently coordinate an excellent laser projection with the brilliant usefulness of Google television in one smooth gadget. This strong mix gives clients a gateway to a huge universe of diversion, including Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and numerous others, all open through voice orders. With Google television's instinctive and customized suggestions, watchers can undoubtedly find new films, shows, sports, music, and more from driving applications and memberships.


In the unique scene of shrewd diversion, the decision between Google television and Android television at last relies upon individual inclinations and use cases. Google television's accentuation on customized proposals and content curation separates it, while Android television keeps on offering a powerful and recognizable experience.

Google television brings a genuine shrewd television experience to the big screen, whether you're utilizing a streaming stick like the Chromecast with Google television, savvy televisions from any semblance of Sony and TCL, or creative projectors like the Dangbei Particle.