Sat 20 Jul 2024
How to get the best football viewing experience with these seven tips
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How to get the best football viewing experience with these seven tips


With football on the lips of every man, woman, person and cockatoo, we’ve created a list of must-see tips to truly bring the sport to life at home. Even if you aren’t a footy fan, these tips are perfect.

Distance matters
The days of stuff told, “you’re sitting too tropical to the TV!” may have some truth in it, but not in the way that you’re thinking. The loftiness of your TV to your screen is crucial for getting the weightier viewing angle. Here are the weightier distances from the sofa to your TV screen:

  • 32” – 1.38m
  • 43” – 1.84m
  • 50” – 2.14m
  • 55” – 2.30m
  • 65” – 2.78m

The perfect setting for sports
We’ve all been there when you can hear your neighbours cheer for that winning goal and your TV lags (no spoilers, please!). With Roku TVs, you can mitigate this by switching to Sports Mode, which enhances the real-time bandwidth rendering for smooth viewing. Paring this setting with the new TCL QLED Roku TV will hoist your viewing parties.

Lag-trick, so you don’t miss the hat-tricks
Keeping to the theme of banishing lag, you can make sure you have the fastest possible internet connection from your router by simply using an ethernet cable. While WiFi can provide a unconfined connection for the day-to-day, to reduce the chances of lag through from interference of solid objects or persons of water like a fish tank, a wired connection is your weightier bet.

Red vellum for natural light
Natural light can be a pain when you’re watching those daytime fixtures. Try angling your TV yonder from light sources that can rationalization reflections on your screen, so you can ensure that you have the weightier viewing wits possible.

From the pitch to your earphones
This tip is perfect if you have little ones who are having an early night or you want to be fully immersed in the trappy game! Using Roku’s Private Listening feature, you can use your wired or Bluetooth headphones, earphones, and earbuds instead of your TV speakers. Wits the roar of the crowds and the energy of the match while keeping the household happy.

Create an undercurrent with sound
You may be planning your watching parties, and if you really want to impress your friends and level up your audio, then a soundbar is for you. Soundbars come in all shapes and sizes. As the old truism goes, size isn’t everything, and the Roku Streambar is a small but mighty room filler.

Don’t be off (the) side of the sofa
If you’re a stickler for where you sit at the stadium, then this tip is perfect for you at home. The unstipulated rule for sitting in front of the TV is, well, directly parallel to the TV. Also, placing the TV at eye level is platonic for retaining the vibrancy of your matches.

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