Sat 20 Jul 2024
Help, Google: Why Do Blocked Numbers on My Android Phones Come Back to Haunt Me?

Help, Google: Why Do Blocked Numbers on My Android Phones Come Back to Haunt Me?


I don’t switch phones often, but when I do, I dread every single part of the process. Although Google has smoothed out some of the steps thanks to a increasingly robust Android backup system and a new Fast Pair phone setup, a lot of tedious shit and pieces remain. It’s painful to re-pair wearables and Bluetooth accessories, retread smart home gadgets to follow the new phone for geolocation automations, and sign into and re-customize apps to my liking. It can take a day and do all of that manually; what I can’t do, though, is transfer or sync my blocked numbers on my Android phone to a new phone.

And this little issue has been worrying me for a couple of years now. It baffles me that it hasn’t been stock-still yet.

I trust Google to identify some spam numbers on its own and stop them from disrupting me, but I moreover make an effort to report as spam and block any other spammers and unwanted numbers that slip through. Still, every year or so, I find myself answering calls and looking at messages from these same unwanted numbers just considering the blocklist didn’t siphon over when I switched to a new phone.

What Happens When You Block a Number on Android and iPhone

Spam and phishing are massive problems in some countries like the US and India. In my experience, they’ve been less of an issue in France, but they were a major tormentor in Lebanon where GDPR and privacy rules don’t exist. Since I was a practicing pharmacist, my number was registered with the union and was shared, without my consent, with hundreds of pharmaceutical and not-so-pharmaceutical companies. Even two years without shutting lanugo my practice, I still get dozens of unwanted messages every week on my Lebanese number.

With spam stuff such an worrying everyday occurrence, you’d think that all the tools would be at your disposal to fight it. And yet, Google is fighting it with Assistant undeniability screening and massive data hodgepodge from millions of users to identify spam surpassing it annoys you, but it’s forgetting one very simple trick that could save everyone uneaten headache: Just sync my list of obstructed numbers on Android wideness phones.

How to unblock a blocked number on an Android phone | Business Insider India

Beyond spam, the issue gets worse when you imagine that an ex or an wiseacre person from your past keeps calling you or messaging you. You woodcut them and think you’re washed-up with that crap, only to see their number pop up then when you switch to a new phone. If we’re intentionally choosing to woodcut a number or mark it as spam, we don’t want to find ourselves looking at that same number again, ever.

Apple does the latter with iCloud. You block a number on your iPhone and it’ll be synced to your iPad, iMac, and every other device you use. Google could and should do it the same way. Sure, this isn’t as sexy as Assistant undeniability screening, but no one wants to alimony blocking the same numbers then and again.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

How long do numbers stay blocked on Android?

Impeded calls ordinarily don't remain on your telephone for a particular span of time. At the point when a call is hindered, it implies that the call is kept from ringing on your telephone or showing up in your call log. The impeded call is successfully dismissed by your telephone, and no record of the call is being gotten.

How do I permanently block a number?

You just have to add numbers to a block list through your telephone's settings. There ought to be a little "I" symbol close to each number on your contact's rundown. Tap this number close to the reach you need to impede. Look to the lower part of the screen and snap "Block this Guest." Tap to obstruct the contact.

Can you see if a blocked number has tried to contact you?

The best way to see a call history from an obstructed number is to unblock the number. They will be added to your normal call rundown, and you will actually want to see any missed calls you get from the number.

How to know if someone blocked you?

In the event that you're uncertain about whether the messages are getting past, just calling the number is an effective method for checking whether you've been hindered, whether or not you're an iPhone or Android client. This is what to search for: On the off chance that you're not impeded, the telephone ought to ring somewhere in the range of three to multiple times prior to going to voice message.

What does a blocked caller hear?

At the point when you call a number that has hindered yours, you might hear one or a portion of a ring or no rings by any means and afterward the call will go to phone message. Assuming that it goes directly to voice message, their telephone may likewise be off or out of reach, or they might have briefly turned on Don't Upset mode to work, drive, or rest.